Below you can learn more about the many projects being produced in South Florida by local filmmakers. All these projects are currently raising money to complete their films. If you are interested in supporting any of these projects please click through to make a donation directly to the filmmakers. 

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The Last Party Girl

Written, Directed & Produced by: Claudia Elena Rodriguez

Narrative Feature – Jo embarks on a weekend-long odyssey through Miami’s underground art world in search of drugs and house music to satiate all of the hedonistic urges before Monday’s AA meeting.

Love and the Island

Written, Directed & Produced by: Gabriel de Varona 

Narrative Short – Former lovers Olivia and Hector meet at a Miami Beach bar for the first time in 30 years. They discuss memories of being stranded on an island while exiling from Cuba on a small raft. As they argue over events, we cut to the island in a fourth wall breaking flashback to young Hector and Olivia.

They both try to present their younger selves as resourceful and tough while hunting for food. However, the island proves to be eerily empty. Almost starving, they make a grim pact to share some meat from their thighs. When they accuse each other of taking more than their share, their relationship falls apart. Now, 30 years later, drunk in a bar, Olivia and Hector try to settle their unresolved accusations.

The Martians

Written & Narrated by: Vanessa Garcia
Directed by: Victoria Collado
Produced by: Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell

Hybrid Audio Visual Experience & Documentary – The story of Cuba and it’s Diaspora as told through 60 individual stories. 

These narratives take us from the 1950’s into the present, leading us toward and defining the current moment in Cuban history as a pivotal one.


Written by: Vanessa Garcia & Ruben Rabasa
Directed by: Victoria Collado

Documentary & One-Person Show – As he gears up for the premiere of his one-person show, Ruben Rabasa, an 83-year-old Cuban-American actor realizes he’s finally “made it.” It just took six decades in the biz. Now, after years of exile, waiting tables, taking bit parts, and side-kicking, he’s got the spotlight and he’ll have to decide what to do with it.

Success en Tu Life

Written & Directed by: Isabela

Narrative Feature  – Out of work actress Caro begs her best friend Piki to give her old job back at his family’s dry cleaners. Sarah, an old rival who reached the limelight, appears and makes Caro frantic to suc- ceed. Caro dreams of a kind of work that she can’t find: reimagining Shakespearean texts with wacky, multicultural twists.

Having witnessed Caro’s bizarre bedroom shrine of dolls in diverse Shakespearean plays meets Miami – The Merchant of Venetian Pool, etc. – Piki spurs Caro into realizing her theater dreams, with the aid of an eccentric former Broadway showgirl from Boca Raton: Letty Goldman. Caro begins casting the play of her dreams, Shakespeare reimagined for Miami: As You Like It – Like That.